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The Hon Kelly O'Dwyer MP

Federal Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer

A staggering 97 per cent of Australia's businesses are small, contributing more than one in three jobs or around one third of all economic output. These are businesses just like yours. It is you - and your passion - that fuel this country's vibrant small business culture. Entrepreneurs and risk-takers like you, who are prepared to act on ideas, adopt new tools and technologies, and invest your time and resources in a growing business: you are the ones who make our economy tick.

As Small Business Minister, it is my mission and absolute commitment to help create an environment where you can thrive. I commend the Australian Small Business Champion Awards in its acknowledgement of excellence in the field and I encourage you all to nominate for 2016.

Steve Loe

Awards Founder, Managing Director, Precedent Productions

From their creation in 1999, the Australian Small Business Champion Awards has become the most prestigious and comprehensive program that recognises small businesses throughout the nation.

The Awards seek to acknowledge the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, as well as their contribution to the Australian economy.

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is the pinnacle of business success. They recognise the values associated with successful small businesses. These values include service, commitment, leadership, endurance, courage, innovation, performance, persuasion and generosity.

I would like to thank our sponsors and encourage you, who own and manage Australian small businesses, to be part of this exciting awards program and celebrate your achievements.

John Christoforidis - Transcorp Removals & Storage

2015 Small Business Champion Entrepreneur

As the 2015 Champion Entrepreneur it is with pleasure that I congratulate Steve Loe and Precedent Productions in recognising the efforts of Australian Small Businesses. After all we are collectively the largest employers in the country!

Transcorp Removals & Storage has grown from a one man - one truck operation into a much larger entity. The efforts and loyalty of my staff, suppliers and customers have assisted in our prosperity. I also wish to thank my family and friends for all their support and assistance along this successful journey. It is a great honour to have received the 2015 Award.

I believe to succeed in small business you do not only require a sound business plan, clear objectives and an understanding of your costs but more importantly maintain a healthy and vibrant 'work/family life balance'.

I hope that all small businesses have the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard efforts and I wish you all the best of luck.

Jared Fullinfaw - The Print Bar

2015 Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur

It is such an honour to have had the hard work it takes from starting a small t-shirt printing business in a garage and growing that into a national company, recognised in winning the prestigious 2015 Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur Award. The benefits for my business, The Print Bar, have really stretched beyond the actual trophy as my business has now gained national recognition because of the award. This was a new starting point for my business, enabling Print Bar to grow by winning bigger contracts, media attention and gave me the confidence to launch new products.

Thank you again to Steve Loe and Precedent Productions for rewarding outstanding businesses in Australia and also for encouraging me to lift the bar even further, to be part of a business that continues to grow ethically, sustainably and adds value to Australia.

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